How to restore the leather interior of a boat without spending a fortune

Among the furnishing accessories of a boat, the most popular and loved ones are leather sofas and armchairs, always classy and aesthetically pleasing never going out of fashion. It is known, however, that every sofa or armchair, especially in marine environments, tends to wear out overtime, and this can be particularly clear especially if they have a leather composition.

No one wants to see a worn out sofa on their boat, perhaps with the typical signs of wear or stained leather; however, the purchase of new furniture is not always so easy and immediate, since it is, in any case, a considerable expense.

What to do then?

The answer is simpler than you might think! Just purchase the NAUTICA Rigener Special Ecopelle-leather, a product capable of regenerating leather and eco-leather in a very easiest and cheapest way.

NAUTICA leather sofa as good as new: here is what to use.

While previously being able to repair a leather sofa or armchair without having to change it might have seemed like a dream, now it is not anymore!

With this product you can have sofas and armchairs as new and it does not have to cost a fortune. This is because it is an innovative product capable of eliminating wear and signs of aging or bad weather from any leather sofa or armchair, restoring it to its original splendor in a few simple steps.

Rigener NAUTICA is unique because it is possible to give new life to the leather furnishings of a boat, in fact, the product forms a covering that has the same features of softness and elasticity of an eco-leather covering thus giving more protection and resistance to the furniture.



Rigener Special Ecopelle-pelle NAUTICA is a single-component product based on water-based resins, specifically designed and formulated to obtain an elastic coating, wear-resistant and stable at high and low temperatures. Having to give up your leather sofa because it has been ruined by long usage and time is such a shame, and being able to give it back its shining life without break a bank is a great relief.

With Rigener Special Ecopelle-pelle you can obtain a complete regeneration by eliminating all the abrasions, stains and signs of wear not only from leather sofas and armchairs, but also from chairs, bags and other accessories in leather or eco-leather.


The use of the product is very simple and within everyone’s reach, in relation to a truly satisfactory result, since it is possible to obtain a coating with the same features and properties as the original coating.

  1. Lightly sand the bruises in the detachment phase, insisting on the most damaged areas. Carefully clean the surfaces to be treated with a rag soaked in alcohol (these must be dry, free of oils or greases and loose parts).
  2. Apply RIGENER SPECIAL NAUTICAL LEATHER only on the most damaged areas. After 5 hours, model with sandpaper.
  3. Proceed with the first coat of Rigener on the entire surface. After 4/6 hours of drying (at 23 °C), apply the second coat.
  4. Apply RIGENER SPECIAL PELLE NAUTICA on the entire surface. Once it has dried (after about 4/6 hours at 23 ° C), proceed with the second coat.
  5. The quantity of product to be used can vary from 1kg to 3/4 m2.
  6. Applications can be made with a brush, short-haired roller or AIRLESS machines.